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Our Story

Welcome to Palm Crest Paddle Co.

At Palm Crest Paddle Co., we're more than just a brand; we're a tight-knit team of paddle enthusiasts with a passion for changing the way you experience pickleball. We believe your paddle should be an extension of your style and identity. Our journey began with a simple desire – to provide players with paddles that flawlessly combine top-tier performance with stunning artistic design. We wanted to ensure you never have to choose between a paddle that excels on the court and one that makes you stand out. Palm Crest is not just about selling paddles; it's about being a part of a community that shares your passion. Your game, your style, your paddle – welcome to the Palm Crest family.

Our Vision

As a small team with big dreams, we're fueled by the desire to deliver unparalleled performance and inspire through captivating designs. Our roots in South Florida infuse our brand with a sense of community and a genuine care for our customers. We're here to redefine your pickleball experience, making sure every time you step on the court, you do so with a paddle that reflects your unique style and elevates your game. Welcome to Palm Crest Paddle Co., where we're redefining pickleball, one passion-driven paddle at a time.